Dr. Nikos Floudas

Dr. Nikos Floudas holds a Diploma on Electrical and Computer Engineering (2002) and a PhD on Engineering (2008) from National Technical University of Athens. His PhD thesis title is: "Development of a heterogeneous multiple sensor data fusion algorithm for dynamic surveillance and recognition of road environment objects". He is also a contributor to the publication of 4 papers in international scientific journals and 14 in international scientific conferences proceedings. During his PhD studies he worked as a research associate in ICCS for several European automotive industry projects co-funded by the E.C., such as EUCLIDE and PreVENT IP. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (since 2003) and has three years working experience as a Software Engineer in Greek IT Industry (2008-2011). He worked in research and development of multi-sensor data fusion software, within projects MiniFaros and interactIVe IP. Currently, he is working in TEAM IP, including coordination of requirements and specification deliverables, SP3 project management support and CPTO application design and development.

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Email: nikos.floudas@iccs.gr

Telephone: +30 210 772 10 76